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Every year before Black Friday I try to make a list of things I’d like to get- usually consumable products that I’d buy through the year anyway plus one or two “wishlist” things I’ll get if the sales are good.

I don’t know about you, but a childhood in the sun + 10 years of medical training + an upcoming milestone birthday has me thinking about what I’m doing with skincare and adding a few products to my shopping list. Here’s what I usually do:

First I wash my face with… soap and warm water. I haven’t really found a cleanser I really love, but I am thinking of trying this set of Drunk Elephant soaps, since it’s just a more specific version of my usual routine.

image via amazon

Next I usually use a caffeine serum from The Ordinary on my eyes. I’ve always had somewhat dark circles, despite usually sleeping 7-8h per night. I could be better about hydrating through the day but here we are. This one is going on my list because it’s tried and true.

image via amazon

Last I put on a combination of moisturizer + sunscreen, which I usually tint in the winter so I don’t look quite so pale. My EltaMD moisturizer has SPF 40 and was recommended to me by a dermatologist a few years ago and I swear it cleared up my skin and keeps it healthy. It’s the only step in all this that I keep consistent no matter what. I use the “UV daily” version, but if your skin is super sensitive or prone to redness you might prefer the “UV clear“.

image via DrunkElephant

The tint I use is the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi (Sephora, Amazon, Set). You just put a pump of moisturizer on your hand, then add a small pump (seriously a little goes a long way) of the D-Bronzi and blend them together before putting it on your face. It just gives a tiny bit more colour- no coverage or anything like that but I like the effect for the winter months.

Next up- general moisturizer. In the summer I usually use a few drops of apricot oil on my legs but I find in the winter I need something with a little more staying power. Last year my friend Meghan gave me this amazing (Locally made! Impossible to find!) whipped body butter and I’ve been looking for something similar ever since. Suggestions?

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