Our Current Morning Routine

Earlier this week I found myself blearily making coffee at 5:30 AM and thinking about how I’m spending my mornings.

typically where J finds me around 7 AM on a non-running day

A quick note- I like early mornings in general, and this is something that has continued to evolve as I get older. I really agree with the idea that people are better wired to work/function at different times of the day, and find that (at least right now) my chronotype is “definite morning person”

So, I have a precious few early hours that I can use before I need to be at work during the week. Currently, my alarm goes off between 5 and 5.20, and I usually snooze for a few minutes (and, ugh, scroll Instagram) before getting up. Depending on the day, I either go for a run or work/hang out.

Running mornings are pretty straightforward: up, get dressed, maybe eat something small if I’m already hungry, out the door by 5.45 and run for 30-60 mins. Back, pull out lunch stuff, go snuggle Jan (yes, I briefly get back into bed unless I am completely drenched or over-the-top-sweaty) and shower/get ready. Back downstairs by 7.20 and it’s coffee/breakfast/finish lunches and out the door by 8. Usually somewhere in there I do a quick tidy and the amount of lunch making vs. lunch assembling will vary.

people don’t make lunches before dawn?

Non-running mornings are what have really been on my mind. Yesterday (Friday), for example, I came downstairs, started looking through my labs/work inbox, made some coffee, and then made a slightly more elaborate lunch (spiced chicken, orzo, greek salad- yum) for both of us. Then I cleaned up the kitchen, wrote a brief post, went back up and got ready, and had a little more time to eat breakfast with Jan before we were out the door around 8.15 (too late, really- 8.05 or 8.10 is about the latest).

What I would like to do is:
– spend more time planning out my day/offline journalling
– be more consistent about running/working out (typically I’m good about Tuesdays and Thursdays because of friends, but on Wednesday, when I start work a lot later, I am just dragging to get out the door. I think this has a lot to do with how dark it is).
– spend less time making lunches (WHY is this so hard for me to do the night before?!)
– be intentional about this time. I tend to do whatever is most pressing (“I haven’t run in x days, have to go now” or “we need lunches” or “I have 7 million unread emails”) but I think it would be better to have a sense of what I’m going to do and not spend 20 minutes mindlessly scrolling while I decide what the agenda is. See #1. Yesterday I didn’t really get through more than a few labs, and I spent more time than necessary figuring out lunch.

Goal for this week- lunches at night? Seems reasonable.

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