Four Fun Things

It’s Friday and I’m feeling tired even though it’s a short week and I’ve decided that it’s because it’s a short week. Five days of work squished into 4?

So I thought I could do a fun and quick post today for my 30 days of posting challenge- four things I’ve enjoyed lately.

image via glossier

Glossier LashSlick mascara is my favourite. I don’t always wear makeup but this almost always makes it onto my face (putting on moisturizer counts as getting ready, right?!)

A couple of months ago we started using Goodfood, a meal delivery service. Still collecting my thoughts on whether we’ll continue long term but it’s definitely been fun to try and the food is so good!

image via Christine, our wonderful photographer!

We have our wedding photos back! I’m looking forward to sharing them but we’ve also been having fun looking at photobooks and ideas for saving them. Any thoughts? It’s been so wonderful to look back and relive the day.

Image via Jen’s instagram page

Have you seen Royal Sketches by Jen V? It’s not exactly a secret that I love keeping up with the royal family, and these sketches are so amazingly alike to their real life counterparts! Plus Jen somehow draws and posts them almost immediately after an appearance, which always blows me away.

That’s it! Happy Friday!

Top image via Jen V

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