Visiting Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms

A few Christmases ago I started to focus on giving people experiences rather than things.

Jan loves outdoor photography, so for Christmas or a birthday I sometimes gift him a weekend getaway to photograph a new place. This past February, we flew to Palm Springs and stayed in a tiny house in the desert– the perfect getaway for visiting Joshua Tree National Park, and just disconnecting in general.

image via airbnb

It was colder than I expected! I was happy we had grabbed our favourite hiking jackets on the way out the door when we left Vancouver. The landscape was incredible, though, and perfect for hiking and exploring.

We got groceries at Trader Joe’s (my absolute favourite indulgence on a trip to the US) in Palm Springs, which was definitely the right call because there is slim pickings for food in Joshua Tree otherwise!

Of course Jan also took some amazing star photos! I froze my butt off holding lenses 🙂

We spent the last 1/2 day of the trip in Palm Springs, where it was so fun to see all the mid-century modern homes- many of them look exactly like I imagine they did in the 60’s!

Have you been? Where should we visit next year?

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